Richard Tetrault

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Artwork is arranged both by medium as well as by themes. i update it regularly with projects and new pieces. 

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I have lived and worked for most of my career in Vancouver, with a studio in Strathcona, near Chinatown. My paintings, prints and murals primarily explore themes drawn from the urban landscape, though recent pieces reference an emersion into the west coast rainforest, in particular Haida Gwaii and western Vancouver Island.  Thematically I have been influenced by my immediate community, most specifically the Downtown Eastside of the city. The shifting dynamics of the street is a collage of images and encounters that are both edgy and full of primal vitality. I am interested in the dynamics of the modern, ever-changing street-scape.  In studio work, I move between the mediums of woodcut, mono-print, mixed media painting and acrylics. Each infuses the other with possibilities, providing springboards for new directions. Ultimately, the demands of the paintings structure, as revealed through form, line and color, play the decisive role in the shape of the work. 

My public murals are both solo and collaborative. I have worked in a broad range of media including mosaic, routered wood, etched aluminum and concrete. I feel compelled to work within the community, using the exciting and unpredictably challenging process of community engagement to bring me closer to both the artists i work with as well to my surrounding community. It is through these projects that i feel a continuum has developed, threading through my career and giving substance that reaches beyond the walls of the studio. 

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Working with Jerry Whitehead and assisted by Mike Levin, a 5000 square foot mural called Continuum now circumnavigates the Richmond Cultural Centre!

Work in progress shots, mural at York Theatre Vancouver, with Sharifah Marsden and Tetrault, (design), assisted on mural painting by Jerry Whitehead and Mike Levin, youth and volunteer gr

From a recent trip to Goa, Kerela and Rajasthan in December 2017/January 2018, these are some drawings from my sketchbooks that provide me with source material for studio work.