The Gathering Suite, Air

Dimensions: 11' high X 12 ' wide (Diptych)
MuralsCollaborationsCreative Cultural Collaborations Society
Photo Credit: E. Rausenberg

The second diptych in the Gathering Suite, this piece has Salish generated eagle feathers running diagonally across the back of the figures, set into a field of dark ultramarine blue. Shown here as it is installed in Carnegie, this mural extends the series started by myself in 2016. The hanging works are portable, on grommeted canvas, and were inaugurated at the 2022 Heart of the city Festival at Carnegie Community Centre in Vancouver. The figures are portraits of creative, activist and political forces in the Downtown Eastside, past and present. artists: Charlene Johnny, Marissa Nahanee, Richard Tetrault and Jerry Whitehead. A Creative Cultural Collaborations project 2022.