River of Crows

Dimensions: 16 ' X 450 '
Photo Credit: E. Rausenberg

River of Crows was initiated with members of the immediate community who wanted to transform an otherwise drab concrete retaining wall bordering their neighbourhood. Britannia Community Centre was the sponsoring organization, with support from the City of Vancouver 125th Celebrations, Heritage Canada, General Paint and others. Artists used stencils as well as large blocks of interconnected color patterns, creating a rhythmic energy to vitalize the street-scape and reflect, through the flow of crows across the frieze, migration in and out of the city.

Artists include: Claire Louise Brown, Jeff Gibson, Miriam Gil,  Jeremiah Kitch-Keesic, Malcolm McTaggart, Sean Newton, Brendan Rausenberg, Helen Spaxman, Jeremi Whitehead, and Jerry Whitehead, along with community members. Artist coordination by Richard Tetrault, photo documentation, Esther Rausenberg, and video by Sid Tan.