Through the Eye of the Raven

Dimensions: 7600 sq ft (60' X 125')
Photo Credit: E. Rausenberg

Through the Eye of the Raven was designed and painted in 2010 by a team of urban Aboriginal artists: Jerry Whitehead, Sharifah Marsden, Haisla Collins and Richard Shorty, with input from numerous local community members, and design input by Eric Parnell. Richard Tetrault coordinated the project. The mural fuses imagery from distant history as well as contemporary aboriginal events, weaving them across the button blanket of the Raven Dancer. The raven image makes a statement both of defiance and empowerment. Its eye illuminates the street scape below,  with its hand pointing towards the north shore mountains and The Lions (known to the Coast Salish as The Sisters.) 

Vancouver Native Housing provided both the wall and funding for part of the project, with the balance through Great Beginnings (City of Vancouver), Vancity and local supporters. Through the Eye of the Raven is best viewed from across Hastings Street or from the alley behind the hotel, at 456 East Hastings, Vancouver. The Raven Gallery and Studio is located in the same building, and several artists work there.