Woodcut Workshop!


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10-4 pm


884 East Georgia St. Vancouver

In Situ painting

I have always worked on location. This is the source for almost all of my studio works as well...whether sketchbook drawing or paintings directly on site, the vitality of being there, in the elements, is critical to a spontaneous tone. This spring, i am working on paper that is primed first, in long panoramic format. Here are some work in progress photos... 

Mexican trip, sequel

Mexico is never boring or predictable.

The Gathering Suite 2022

The Gatherings Suite pays tribute to  the artists, activists, and cultures of the DTES community.  In an area frequently characterized by its tragedies, these murals shift that perception, highlighting instead the community’s cultural and activist leaders and their positive contributions. The canvas murals add to the original Gatherings triptych by Richard Tetrault completed in 2016.

woodcut in progress

These photos show the evolving woodcut that i am working on. The preliminary drawings, one on paper, the other on transparent Mylar, is transferred to several blocks, one for each of the colors. I improvise once  I am printing, often leaving out or adding blocks as needed. The image is transferred to a woodblock, usually Baltic Birch, which is then cut using chisels and gouges. Finished blocks are sealed with a medium. The blocks will then be printed in a sequence of overlapping colors, registered one over the other, using Gamblin Oil-based printing inks.

Big Print Steveston 2022




Solidarity for Ukraine

I created a woodcut print in support of the campaign to raise support, awareness and funds for Ukraine. This print, editioned in my studio, was given to people who donated to a Ukranian relief fund dedicated to this cause. 

The remaining of the 100 editioned prints are now available from Georgia Art Studios. 

Solidarity for Ukraine is $350 unframed, with 50% of each sale going to an organization in support of medical supplies for Ukraine.

Culture Crawl 2021!

This year's Crawl will feature a series of new works by Richard Tetrault and Esther Rausenberg at Georgia Art Studios!  Please sign up for the first weekend here.

Culture Crawl

September updates, 2021


The past summer resulted in new pieces in the studio. I have been working primarily on paintings and collage, with thematic focus that includes Chinatown and Shoreline/Offshore series.

The work can be seen as well in the 'Recent' section of this site. 

Also, for those interested in learning the process, I will be teaching a printmaking workshop in color woodcut printing Wednesday evenings October 6-27th,  6-9 pm. at Malaspina Printmakers, 1555 Duranleau Street, Granville Island, Vancouver.

Post Covid studio visits!

My production in the studio has only increased this past year due to the imposed isolation of Covid 19. As a direct result of uninterrupted time,specifically, my not being involved in street murals, workshop teaching or community-engaged projects during the past year. Bitter sweet! It has however, given me focused time to develop some new pieces...paintings, drawings and a few new woodcuts.  See them in the Recent Works section of this site, as well as those that I am posting here.


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