Culture Crawl 2023!

Two new series make up my exhibition at Georgia Art Studios at the Crawl this year. The Mexican Market series, posted earlier here, is countered with coastal themes pieces, such as Up Inlet #1, and #2, Towards the Island, and Dark Sea Under. Come by during the event, Thursday Nov, 16th, and Friday Nov. 17th evenings, 5-10 pm, and Saturday and Sunday,11-6 pm. Esther and my studio is located at 884 East Georgia Street, at Campbell Avenue in Strathcona. 

Eastside Culture Crawl 2023

I am pleased to be participating in the 2023 Eastside Culture Crawl!

This year I will be showing two main themes; the first a new series of acrylic and graphite works inspired by travels to Mexico. These works are intended to express, by simplified isolation of the figures and their integration with market-sourced elements, the grace of movement as frozen in gestures of working. Larger canvas works expand on this theme. I will also have recent pieces that are from the immediate industrial environment of Vancouver and the inner harbours. 

Hard Edge City-Paintings and Collages of the Downtown Eastside

An exhibition of recent paintings and collage work based on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver opening soon! 

Hard Edge City-Paintings & collages of the Downtown Eastside

The Gallery at the Cultch

1895 Venables St. Vancouver B.C. Canada

Exhibition dates: August 15th-Sept. 30th 2023

In Situ painting

I have always worked on location. This is the source for almost all of my studio works as well...whether sketchbook drawing or paintings directly on site, the vitality of being there, in the elements, is critical to a spontaneous tone. This spring, i am working on paper that is primed first, in long panoramic format. Here are some work in progress photos... 

Mexican trip, sequel

Mexico is never boring or predictable.

The Gathering Suite 2022

The Gatherings Suite pays tribute to  the artists, activists, and cultures of the DTES community.  In an area frequently characterized by its tragedies, these murals shift that perception, highlighting instead the community’s cultural and activist leaders and their positive contributions. The canvas murals add to the original Gatherings triptych by Richard Tetrault completed in 2016.

Big Print Steveston 2022




Creativity in a time of isolation

All works on my website are available, with a few exceptions. A click on details reveals the size, availability and other details, and another click on image enlarges it. Contact me for prices where not listed. 

Eastside Culture Crawl 2019


Richard Tetrault/Esther Rausenberg Studio

884 East Georgia Street (at Campbell Avenue) 

Strathcona, Vancouver

New works: Collages, Paintings and Prints 2019

our studio is open Thursday November 14th and Friday November 15th evenings 5-10 pm,

and Saturday Nov. 16th, Sunday Nov. 17th from 11-6 pm. 

Richmond Mural 2019


Working with Jerry Whitehead and assisted by Mike Levin, a 5000 square foot mural called Continuum now circumnavigates the Richmond Cultural Centre!

The completed work, over 1000 feet long, runs as a frieze design that embraces the Richmond Centre. Shifting with each wall, the mural travels through the four seasons,

while also reflecting the varied activities of the Centre and the diversity of Richmond's cultural makeup.

Community engaged mural for Richmond Cultural Centr


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