Big Print Steveston 2022





Seven 4 ft X 8 ft woodprints were created in 2022 and printed over a two-day period, September 3rd and 4th, on the pavement using a steamroller as a printing press. The works are printed in Gamblin inks on archival Stonehenge paper, in an edition of 3 each.

Each reflect the artists impressions of the city of Steveston’s natural environment and/or its cultural history. 

 Artists:   Kinichi Shigeno, Debra Sparrow, Cyler Sparrow-Point, Mariko Ando, Isaiah Sparrow, Dona Nabata, Atheana Picha, Gerald Pedros and Richard Tetrault.

Prints and woodblocks are available by contacting Creative Cultural Collaborations Society.   604-215-4492

Georgia Art Studios, 884 E. Georgia Street | Vancouver BC | V6A 2A5

Steamroller printing