Croatia exhibition, June-July 2015

 The Elusive Landscape,in Benkovac Museum Regional Gallery and Zadar (Gallery of State Archives), Croatia in June and July 2015.

Materials: photographs,acrylic and graphite on Mylar.

Artists: La Raza Artists' Gerald Pedros, Esther Rausenberg and Richard Tetrault, with additional works by Carylann Loeppky

The Elusive Landscape is based on the natural elements earth, air, fire and water. The multimedia installation examines contemporary perspectives on the natural environment, asserting the profound presence of nature in the Canadian consciousness. 

The show is organized by Mira Malatestinic (Project Pridraga).  Attached are some images of the series. 


Water | Acrylic and Graphite on Mylar Earth-Rejuvenationacrylic/photograph on Mylar acrylic/photograph on Mylar on Mylar