Mexican trip, sequel

Mexico is never boring or predictable.

Even returning to the same area of the country over many years, i still find endless depth of experiences and of visual materials. Subjects once explored become new again, with new possibilities. And my approach often changes as well. Attached is a series of pieces that are derived from my sketchbooks from a recent trip to Oaxaca, in the south of the country. Most of my drawings are done on the spot, in markets and outlying villages. I have always worked best this way. This series focuses primarily on women in various settings, whether in action, working or resting. Some in conjunction with mask or spirit-like animals, imply an underlying story.

All are in acrylic on Mylar, with graphite and pastel. Size: 12" X 24" unframed.

Oaxaca Variations is an ongoing series.  I hope you enjoy looking at them!