Red River Series

From a trip down the Red River from Winnipeg to North Dakota in the summer of 2023, images gleaned from archives as well as on site drawings inform this suite of mixed media paintings on Mylar as well as large-format prints that reflect/examine my Metis Red River lineage. My father, through both his parents, did not talk about his ancestry and so much of this unearthing has been through the initiative of others. Residents of Le Mans, France, for example, began to contribute ancestry materials for those who had died during the second World War in the liberation of France. My uncle was one of these, who died in 1944 over northern France. The layers of history have been the source for these pieces, which are my version of visual narratives, with historic photos and documents intertwined. 

This is an ongoing series, with a projection of ten to twelve prints in edition of 3 each.