White Rock mural

Working on a new mural for the Community Arts of White Rock, at Centennial Recreation and Arts. This piece will be complete by the end of June, with an inauguration to follow. 

The second section of the piece is being painted now. These are work in progress photos. 


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September 2012 - SPOTA Mosaic

Just finishing up the SPOTA Mosaic a public art piece that pays tribute to the founding members of the Strathcona Property Owners and Tenants Association which was founded in Dec 1968. The founders were pivotal in stopping the freeway from being constructed in Vancouver. The impact of  the proposed "urban renewal" would have resulted in the demolotion of the entire community of  Strathcona. Their initiatives paved the way for a new way of thinking at city hall and was key to the establishment of a "Social Planning" department.


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