Bridge Piece-Diptych

woodcut, Mexico/China/Canada, Ironworkers Memorial Bridge Vancouver
Dimensions: Overall dimensions: 40”X 132”(image size- 34”X60” X 2)
PrintmakingRelief PrintsUrban Industrial
Photo Credit: E. Rausenberg

Bridge Piece is a diptych woodcut that was created for a tri-country exhibition in Vancouver in 2017. The print incorporates ecological and cultural symbols illustrating the connectivity between Mexico, China and Canada, emphasising our environmental interdependence on the Pacific Rim countries.  Each country shares the commonality of the Pacific Ocean. Positioning natural elements, inserted like stamps into a larger format of a spanning steel bridge structure, these images project these contrasting elements.

Juxtaposed in an adjacent panel and within the same bridge matrix are icons and symbols that denote unity. The three countries of Mexico, China and Canada have a shared reliance on the Pacific Ocean. This interdependency has been highlighted by the impact of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, as well as of the 2011 Tsunami in Fukoshima, Japan; we are constantly reminded of our mutual vulnerabilities.