Night Market #1

Dimensions: 17"X26" image size framed price: $1100.
PrintmakingRelief PrintsUrban Crow
Photo Credit: E. Rausenberg

A recent small edition woodcut that reflects the night markets of nearby Chinatown, underscored by crows as prersistent and everpresent denizens. Technically, the method for the print is referred to as the jigsaw method. Birch plywood is cut in sections, inked separately, then reassembled on the press. This method allows for clear division between color areas.  These are printed first, and two others layers (two carved blocks) are registered, printed over top. These woodcuts are archival inks on mulberry paper, a paper that provides a sharp level of image resolution. 

Edition completed in my studio in Strathcona, Vancouver in 2020.