Big Print Project 2014

A 17 min. video of the Big Print Project can  be viewed on YouTube at the link below. A creative Cultural Collaborations Society and New Leaf Editions collaboration, the video includes footage of interviews with each of the artists involved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n34acDfeBw

Woodcuts, steamroller prints, public, print, project

Big Print Project 2014

Using a steamroller in an open-air summer event, a team of 12 artists created woodblocks on full sheets of MDF board that were inked and printed. This weekend of collaborative printmaking was a first for Vancouver.  

Artists: Susan Point, Michael Abraham, Peter Kiss, Betsabee Romero, Arnold Shives, Jerry and Jeremi Whitehead, Cody Lecoy, Gerald Pedros, Cheryl Hamilton, Soo Sunny Park and Richard Tetrault

Printmaking, Woodcuts, large printing, steamroller printing