Painting: Urban Industrial

Slanting Rain (details)

Foundation Laying Landscape (details)

acrylic, collage on Arches paper

Under Neon (details)

Berth #2-Inner Harbour (details)

Chinatown-Red Door #3 (details)


Railside (Flight of Crows) (details)

Chinatown, Vancouver, Urban landscape, Fugitive Street series

Fugitive Streets-Chinatown #1 (details)

Chinatown-Red Door #2 (details)

Inner Harbour-North Shore (details)

Containers-Blue Pole (details)

acrylic/collage on canvas

Gastown-Mapped Terrain (details)

Cranes, Trains and Smoke (details)

Ironworkers Screen (verso) (details)

Ironworkers Screen (details)

Offshore, Shifting Weather (details)

Trainsmoke (triptych) (details)

Chinatown-Red and Gold (details)

Collection of Vancouver General Hospital

Night Harbour-triptych (details)

Loading Cranes-Inner Harbour #1 (details)