Printmaking: Relief Prints

Midday Havana (details)

Transport Cuba (details)

Rising Tide - Venice (details)

Asia prints,

Angkor-Profiles (details)

prints, Asia, Woodcut

Sacred Place (details)

woodcut, Asian, prints

Cambodian Bull (details)

Alley Variations #5 (details)

Alley Variations #9 (details)

Crow #6-From Above (details)

Bridge 1, Fogbank (details)

Ravens - Haida Gwaii (details)

wood and lino cut

Crow Frieze-Yellow Ground (details)

Chinatown-Variations #2 (details)

Waterfront Crow (details)

Hands and Feather (details)

Industrial City Crow #1 (details)

Crow Frieze #2-Black and White (details)

Disappearing Alley (details)

Industrial City Crow #2 (details)

Floating World #2 - Freighters (details)