Asia Series

suite of 8 woodcuts

Decorated India (details)

From Kerela -India Series (details)

Waiting for the Sun #2-Rajhastan series (details)

Waiting for the Sun #1- (Rajasthan series ) (details)

Smoke and Incense (Angkor Series) (details)

acrylic on paper

Sacred Place (triptych) (details)

Waiting-Elephant Gates-Bangkok (details)

Bangkok-Night Workers (details)

Thailand-Monk #1 (details)

Thailand-Monk #2 (details)

Figure with Ganesh (details)

Nagas-Angkor (details)

Asia prints,

Angkor-Profiles (details)

prints, Asia, Woodcut

Sacred Place (details)

woodcut, Asian, prints

Cambodian Bull (details)

Vessel #1-Gold (details)

Vessel #2-Gold (details)