Eastside Suites Series

Requiem Piece (details)

Chinatown Series

Fragments, Chinatown (details)

One Crow and Three Lanterns (details)

Two Crows, One Dragon (details)

Chinatown-Illuminated interior (details)

collage, chinatown, Vancouver,

Fragments-Chinatown Series (details)

Eastside Suite #13-Red Door (details)

Eastside Series #2 (details)

Eastside #1 (details)

Gouache, Vancouver

Double Happiness -Powell Street (details)

Displacement Series-Balmoral #1 (details)

Reclamation. Powell Street #4 (details)

steamroller printed, woodcut, Big Print Project

Script- ( Big Print Project ) (details)

Vertical Stories #1- #5 (details)

Hands and Feather (details)

acrylic/pigments on mylar

Powell Street (details)