Continuum, West Wall

Dimensions: 1016 ft long X 5 1/2 ft high
Photo Credit: E. Rausenberg

This recent mural, spanning over 1000 lineal feet, circumnavigates the Richmond Cultural Centre. The mural covers the building's fascia-the frieze-like band surrounding the building, and is the first major public art to be commissioned as part of Richmond's Community Mural Program.  Jerry Whitehead and I completed it in the fall of 2019. We were pleased to be able to integrate our work onto this prominent cultural centre location, at Minoru Boulevard and Granville Avenue (adjacent to City Hall) 

Ideas were generated through workshops in the immediate community, resulting in a set of drawings that we then transferred to large format cut stencils. These motifs, reflecting the activities and cultural diversity of the centre's user groups, were superimposed over our abstracted ground forms with each wall reflecting a season; East Spring, South Summer,West, Fall and North, Winter. Columns supporting the fascia were then painted with colors that integrate with the mural.