Russian Hall

Dimensions: 5000 sq ft overall
Photo Credit: E. Rausenberg

Russian Hall, located at 600 Campbell Ave in Strathcona, Vancouver, was coordinated in 2009 by Richard Tetrault and designed and painted by a team of 30 artists and community members.(For a complete list of participants, please see, and

This mural uses imagery based on traditional Belarussian designs, textiles and folk imagery (musicians, instruments, dancers etc) The north wall features a symbolic peace dove, and the Maxim Gorky insignia, and the south wall profiles Strathcona working class row houses, domestic symbolism and reference to Strathcona Community gardens. It also includes, in the upper south wall, a section relating to Strathcona Property Owners and Tenants Association (SPOTA), the group that fought against the destruction of the neighbourhood in the 1970's in the name of urban renewal.