Painted Lives and Shifting Landscapes

PPainted Lives and Shifting Landscapesainted Lives and Shifting Landscapes: paintings prints and murals (160 pp., Anvil Press) is a richly illustrated book that gives an in-depth overview of Richard Tetrault's production over the past twenty-five years. It outlines some of the main themes in his art with high-quality reproductions throughout. Essays are by Pam Fairfield, Patrick Montgomery and Michael Harris, with an introduction by Jim Green.

"Tetrault gives us the Downtown Eastside not from the perspective of a squeamish yuppie who got off at the wrong bus stop, but from an insider's compassionate eye."
-- Michael Harris

Richard's paintings, prints and murals fuse together allegorical figures with urban landscapes, creating a timeless space that invites the viewer to look through windows into both the past and the future."
-- Pamela Fairfield, curator and contributor

"The most striking characteristic of Richard Tetrault's art is its integrity of purpose."
-- Robin Laurence, The Georgia Straight, April, 2005

edition sold out, copies available through public libraries.