The Downtown Eastside of Vancouver has shaped both my choice of materials and the focus for my work. This community and its shifting terrain is a collage of images and encounters full of an edgy vitality. I search out visual narratives within the landscape, exposing the layers contained within the seemingly commonplace.

My public murals, whether solo projects, residencies, or international collaborations, delve into contemporary issues, mythologies and events. 

Recent pieces include collaborations with artists and community (see mural collaborations) as well as solo projects. See images on this site.  

 Along with my partner Esther Rausenberg we founded Creative Cultural Collaborations Society (C3), an organization dedicated to creative projects in a range of media. C3 projects include Big Print 2016 and 2014, SPOTA mosaic, Vancouver Murals website, Eastside Mural Projects, Radius Mural, Big Print Steveston 2022 and Black Strathcona.  C3 Society collaborated with GRUNT Gallery and Other Sites to refurbish The Blue Cabin into a floating artist's residency. This innovative venture provides, through its programming, a unique venue for creativity. It also preserves the Blue Cabin, once a locale where iconic BC artists Al Neil and Carole Itter envisioned and created their works. Over five years from concept to realization,  the Blue Cabin initiative saved the historic structure, breathing new creative life into it. 

In 2022, Creative Cultural Collaborations coordinated The Gathering Suite, a series of murals commemorating creative people, activists and political forces that have played a positive role in shaping the Downtown Eastside. These large free-hanging canvases will be exhibited annually at Carnegie Centre in downtown Vancouver during each upcoming Heart of the City Festival. 

portrait of artist by David Cooper