Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times (co-published with Anvil Press, 2005) a collaboration between Tetrault and well-known Downtown Eastside activist and poet Bud Osborn. Tetrault's graphic prints and Osborn's impassioned testimonials of life in the Eastside of Vancouver unite in this publication that is a beautiful object in it's own right. This dramatic two-color book fuses poetry and imagery in a powerful statement that incorporates strong graphic, textural and design elements throughout.
"Although our themes have obvious links, we made no attempt to literally 'illustrate' each others work, opting instead for a collage-like quality throughout and allowing for the confluence of our personal experiences in the Downtown Eastside community to come through." RT

"The greatest barriers we face are cynicism on the part of those who have the resources and power to make change happen, and hopelessness on the part of those who have had everything stripped from them. Signs of the Times meets these barriers head on and show us a way through, together."   Libby Davies, Vancouver MLA, writing in the preface for the book.

The following prints are samples of the linocuts and woodcuts that are reproduced in the book. They are also available for purchase.

Displaced cover image -linocut
  • Displaced cover image -linocut
  • Gathering - linocut
  • Eastside - linocut
  • Visage - linocut