Creative Cultural Collaborations Society Project

An exciting new Vancouver-based society dedicated to stimulating, developing and executing unique cultural projects and activities including: building networks, promoting understanding and enhancing cooperation between local, national and international artists and arts organizations by facilitating exchanges of artists and brokering creative collaborative projects promoting awareness of the role of the organization.

Founding members: Barbara Bourget, Mira Malatestinic, Marjorie McLean, Esther Rausenberg, and Richard Tetrault.

Big Print Jazz Fundraiser/Auction 2017

An invitation to a fundraising auction of art produced with a steamroller in a performance-like atmosphere on Granville Island, summer 2016.

These 4 X 8 ft woodcuts on the theme of music are printed in small editions (3 0r 4) and are going to be auctioned at this event. Please RSVP to Coastal Jazz and Blues Society.


May 24, 2017 Performance Works Granville Island

Doors: 7pm  Canapes & music by Rusty and the Moonlighters

Cash bar available

8:30pm Blind silent auction of limited edition 4 x 8 prints and woodblocks. Bids accepted until 9:10pm

RSVP by Friday, May 19 to


Mariko Ando

Ben Duncan

Leonard Brett

Bobbie Burgers

Taiga Chiba

Ian Forbes

Saskia Jetten

Barbara Klunder

Kelly Schpeley

Arnold Shives

Tracey Tarling

Richard Tetrault

Special thanks to supporters of Big Print project:

CMHC Granville Island

Coastal Jazz and Blues Society

Granville Island Cultural Society

New Leaf Editions

Franco Ferrari

Mira Malatestinic

Patrick Hogan

Gamblin Artist Colors

Legion Paper Corp

Windsor Plywood

The Cat Rental Store

On Site Volunteers

Video by: Maksim Bentsianov

Interviews: Mira Malatestinic

Music: ‘Al Amor que Uno Tiene’ by Mimosa

Artistic Directors:

Esther Rausenberg and Richard Tetrault

Master Printer: Peter Braune

Big Print Project 2016: produced by Creative Cultural Collaborations Society and the 2016 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

Creative Cultural Collaborations Society

Big Print Chinatown Project 2016

In 2016, we completed two versions of Big Print Project. The one in Chinatown incorporated prints created by 5 artists of Chinese lineage, and 5 Native artists.

The resulting prints are available for sale by contacting Creative Cultural Collaborations Society or through this website contact sheet.

A YouTube video will be launched soon.

Creative Cultural Collaborations Society

Big Print Project

Using a steamroller in an open-air summer event, a team of 12 artists created woodblocks on full sheets of MDF board that were inked and printed. This weekend of collaborative printmaking was a first for Vancouver.  Peter Braune of New Leaf Editions and Creative Cultural Collaborations produced this project in August 2014. 

Artists: Susan Point, Michael Abraham, Peter Kiss, Betsabee Romero, Arnold Shives, Jerry and Jeremi Whitehead, Cody Lecoy, Gerald Pedros, Cheryl Hamilton, Soo Sunny Park and Richard Tetrault

Creative Cultural Collaborations Society

Radius mural


Radius Mural 2013

A City of Vancouver Year of Reconciliation Project


The mural in the courtyard of the Firehall Arts Centre, Radius, is based on the cultural links and connectivity of the Aboriginal, Chinese and Japanese communities. These distinct cultures all converge in Vancouver’s historic centre, and their text, symbols and narratives are woven into the mural’s design.


Creative Cultural Collaborations Society
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Radius mural


A recent mural project called Radius is based on the cultural links and connectivity of three distinct cultures in Vancouver: Aboriginal, Chinese and Japanese. The convergence of these groups is portrayed in a woven design with symbols, narratives and text from each culture. 

A large wave is a unifying element, suggesting constancy and adaptability.  Four paddles of Salish design, symbolizing the four directions, contain images of Salish Serpents, and other glyph forms. The top of the largest paddle is on flames, alluding to the great fire of Vancouver in 1886, an event that left many from the early city trapped on the shores of Burrard Inlet as the city burned to the ground. ​Indians of the Coast Salish Squamish arrived in their dugout canoes to help rescue people, sheltering them in their nearby village church. The poem that was sung as they paddled the inlet is inscribed on the bow of the canoe. The movement of the paddles is echoed in vertical bamboo along the left side, superimposed with the character meaning 'Harmony'. The Chinese banner on the left side reads  'Bright Mountain, Clear Waters', and on the right, in Japanese, 'Hometown', as Vancouver was and still is, popularly known. Japanese cherry blossoms (Sakura) represent the strong links with tradition, as well as the gesture of peace post-war, between Japan and Canada. At the upper right, a Japanese Obi, a kimono sash, takes on the form of mountains.

The mural was conceived with input from each of the three communities, with input being incorporated into the final design. Artists worked with mentored youth on the painting of the mural, that was completed throughout the month of July, 2013. An  unveiling ceremony will take place in September 2013. 

Artists: Jerry Whitehead, June Yun and Eri Ishii, with mentored artists Marissa Nahanee, Christine Cheng and Mayuka Hisata. Coordination by Richard Tetrault and Esther Rausenberg (Creative Cultural Collaborations Society) The project was supported with funds from the City of Vancouver. Thanks also to the Firehall Arts Centre for providing the venue and staff support. 

Creative Cultural Collaborations Society